Friday, 6 January 2012

2012 366 Challenge

Two days, that's all it took, two days of my little man being back at nursery and he's picked up another sicky bug.
It breaks my heart to see his sad little face, knowing there's nothing I can do for him, makes Me want to wrap him in cotton wool and keep him home with Me always.

Having decided to participate in the 2012 366 Challenge, I took advantage of the time he slept this morning and created my January layout..................................................

Grey seemed the most natural colour to use for bleak January, it always seems such a grey month don't you think?

That said,I do like greys though!

I played around with coloured papers for my squares but they really didn't seem fitting so stuck with the cold Wintery colours.

As next month is the month of love, I will play around with much warmer colours for February's layout!

I just need to catch up and write my journal entries now and go cuddle the little guy!


  1. I wish your liitle well, hope he gets better soon
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Yay! Thanks for joining the challenge :-) I agree, January is a very grey month! Love your monotone squares - very fitting for January! Good luck for the rest of 2012.
    Hope your little guy gets well soon x
    p.s. Not sure why you can't link .. I sent you an e-mail ...

  3. Aw, I hope that the little man is better soon. xxx

  4. Aww poor little guy - sicky bugs are the worst! Hope he is better soon. I love the greys, perfect for January! x

  5. Sorry to hear about your poor little man, so much going around at the moment I'm still not 100% and today I've added an ear ache to the equation!

    Victoria xx

  6. I hope J gets better soon xxx

  7. Sorry your little buddy is sick :( Hope he is better soon! I like your January page. Enjoy designing the rest!
    Hugs, Lisa

  8. mmm I am liking the greys and yes the month is usually that way. Love Cynthia x

  9. January is certainly very grey this year. Hope you son is feeling better soon.