Monday, 2 January 2012

Happiness and Living with Less

Two great books .......................................................

to be starting the New Year with!

I've had both books for some time and this will be my third time of reading 'The Joy of Less' but my first for 'The Happiness Project'  (my heart just wasn't in it when I started before).

Will these books help Me in my quest to make my own happiness and simplify my life........................................I'll let you know!

I'm not normally the kind of girl to do things 'by the book' but both books make an awful lot of sense to Me and I think they will be 2 books that I refer back to often.

Whilst I find 'The Joy of Less' can be a little repetitive at times, it is still a very good read and offers some great advice for de-cluttering your home.
I am definately going with the 'Less is More' in 2012 and will have nothing in my home that is not useful or I consider beautiful.

A tidy home = A tidy mind = A happier Me!

If anyone needs HELP with organising their life..............................It's Me!

By reading 'The Happiness Project' doesn't of course mean that I'm not happy, I am very happy with my life but believe that there is always room for improvement and I'm enjoying this book so much that I've even signed up to
The Happiness Project Toolbox!


  1. They both look great. I could do with some of that too! xx

  2. happy new year lovely x looks like a good way to start the challenge will be to buy food without wasting shops helped me so much with clothing and home wares this year...carrying on with my 'gratitude' journal too...helps a lot...those books look inspiring x

  3. I'm planning a massive sort out of the house once the boys are back to school. There's so much here that we do not need anymore - the charity shops will benefit and hopefully I've have some stuff to ebay/carboot too - my bank balance needs urge boosting!!

  4. I have spent most of the day trying to make some headway in the loft in order to try and get us less cluttered. If I can get rid of all the clutter in the loft then I can work my way through the rest of the house. good luck and I look forward to hearing how you do.

  5. That sounds like a plan, I could do with a de clutter I can be such a hoarder. When my back is fixed ill get straight onto it lol.
    Kandi x

  6. I need help with de-cuttering!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  7. I need help with de-cluttering too!

  8. I'm going to have to look into these books too!

    Victoria xx

    PS Love the new look xx

  9. I could do with a bit of decluttering help, keep us informed with how you get on x

  10. ooo they look like interesting books :-) Im always on the look out for books that might be able to help me!!

  11. You know I try these, and moving helps me get rid of things BUT I think a lot is beautiful. I am very organized though, does that count??? And I toss if it is making me crazy?? Good luck sweetie you can do it and be happy I know you can!
    Hugs, Lisa
    (sometimes I think of moving far away or if the house is on fire WHAT do I really need?? It helps put the "stuff" in perspective)

  12. Thanks for the sweet birthday wishes Beki! I hope the new year brings you continued happiness! Happiness and health are all I need- to survive. BTW I also live by the same motto that a clean house is a clean and happy mind! Sandy xox

  13. Oh my, the Joy of Less looks like something for me. Like Kandi, I'm a terrible hoarder. I must repeat after you "Less is more, less is more". Happy New Year. xx

  14. Hello my dear! You are a winner of a pair of bag handle in the Monthly Make for 2012 draw. Please email me you address to thefeltfairy{at} love Annie xx

  15. I'd buy that book but I'm trying not to clutter lol!!!!
    Thanks for your comments on my new blog! I hope you'll continue to follow and give me a kick up the bum as only you can lol!